Cross process: Kodak E100 G @ 200, developed at box speed

Hasselblad 500CM
Zeiss 120mm Makro Planar
Kodak E100 G @ 200 ISO
Cross processed at box speed

I really, really like the results.
I’m not totally sure if this was a random act of kindness from the Gods or if I can really trust this “recipe”. For a cross processed film, the colors are not much off. To my eyes the whole color combination really works.

Cross processing the Kodak E100 G did not change the colors to the level of the unreal. It did not added an overall color cast to the whole image. Well, it did, it added Cyan but in a very soft way, keeping the scene pretty real chromatically.

I was afraid that pushing the film and developing it at box speed would exaggerate the saturation but it did not, it held pretty good. I was expecting something Lomography like.

If I can trust this recipe this is a combination I will use more often for portraits.

PS: On the other hand, there isn’t a film, or process, in the world that can match the sheer beauty of my dear friend Joana. She is a breath taking woman.





  1. Mark said:

    They look really good. Lovelky colours and depth of field. I’ve found that the Ricoh GRD3 has a really good cross processed scene mode which isn’t too over the top. I’ve been playing with that as well as the black and white mode.

      • Mark said:

        Yes if you go to the scene mode it is one of the options (under high contrast black and white). I only found it the other day!

      • You are a genious! Thank you πŸ™‚

      • Mark said:

        It’s been said before! πŸ˜‰

  2. eXo said:

    Wow, the colour certainly doesn’t look like it was cross-process. Kudos on the recipe. I should try it if I can get a hand of the film.

    • I was also amazed.
      I do not know what kind of chemicals the lab used to develop the film.
      Does it matter in C-41?

      It’s surely worth a try again.

  3. Son of Sharecroppers said:

    Gorgeous results! The saturation is superb. And, of course, that lens is a delight.

  4. glebe said:

    e100g is a really good slide. i’ve got a roll of this film and the picture pleases me every time I develop it

    • Exactly! It just looks like non-crossprocessed.
      The question is, do you think it will behave the same way next time?

      • glebe said:

        so as we already have 2 independent results, can expect further films to behave in that manner.

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