No new tale to tell.

Well… it’s been a while and I’ll start posting on a more regular basis next week. I’m finishing the magazine Spring issue and it’s always chaotic for the graphic designer. Poor us!

Sometimes we get the pictures but not the text, sometimes we get the text and not the pictures. Sometimes the images don’t have enough resolution, the text is too long, too short… you name it…

Well, it’s my job and I love it.

Let me share with you some updates from the last couple of weeks.

Update one – The Magazine
The little Ricoh GRD3 still amazes me everyday.
The tinny sensor delivers impressive results. I’ll be using full page color images on the magazine at ISO 800 and I’m very curious to see how will they print. I toke it for a job and I’ve designed the whole article using the images from the Ricoh.

Oh! My Hasselblad got stuck on that same job. I was also planning on making some black and white images but it got stuck. I can’t take the lens out, can’t fire the camera, can’t wind the film. The blades on the lens are closed and the curtains are also closed. Out to service it goes.

Here are the magazine spreads using only images from the Ricoh.
PS: The page numbering is wrong but Adobe Indesign will fix it in the end.


You can see the whole magazine on the board back there.
That’s how we decide the order of the articles.
At the same time we were finishing an article about Panerai new watches.


Here’s Magda, my fellow graphic designer and also illustrator.
She was making a drawing of Franck Muller’s Gold Croco watch to be featured also on the magazine.
PS: It’s a 40.000 USD watch.


We always like to present watches in a creative way.
I mean… the value of most of these watches is not related to the material they are made of.
Fine watchmaking or, as the French say, haute-horlogerie, is dedicated to create and manufacture true micro mechanic wonders. That’s why they are so expensive.

Can you image a watch that can give you, hours, minutes, seconds, Moon phases, month, day of the month, chronograph, day/nigh indication and more… for ever… without the need to be adjusted, or once every 100 years…

Imagine doing that using sprockets and several kind of wheels and pieces, hundreds of pieces. Hand made, hand finished, hand assembled… that’s the value of fine watchmaking.

It’s always challenging finding the right way to present different watches.

On the next issue we are also presenting beautiful timepieces for ladies so, Nuno Correia, photographer, and Ricardo Preto, producer and stylist, came up with a very soft, very gentle photo session using a beautiful young lady as a ballerina.

Nuno used a Phase One medium format digital camera for this session.



Ricardo Preto setting up the scene.


Nuno Correia waiting and wearing his beautiful Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore. (My favorite watch. Must sell a kidney)

The cover story is a great interview with Joana Vasconcelos. A Portuguese artist who is making it big a bit all over the world. Her work fits perfectly on this issue and she was kind enough to grant us an interview. Joana is the nicest person and we had a great afternoon but… like everything that involves our dear producer Ricardo Preto, makeup and hair can take up to 2 or 3 hours.

Kenton Thatcher flew from London to shoot Joana as for the rest of us… we did out best to embarrass our boss and that included to interact with works of art… by Nuno Santana, our cameraman.



Kenton and Ana setting up the lights.


Ellen Degeneres eat your heart out, we have duck lips!


A shot from the actual session. Joana is holding one of her creations.

Update 2 – In the meantime…
While Kenton was taking the shots for the interview and the cover I managed to escape for a while and did some experiments for myself. I only had Rollei RPX 400 on the Leica CL and I needed ISO 3200. The RPX 400 is not a good film for pushing that far. Yes it can handle very well 800 ISO but, above that, the results are not consistent and it’s always a game of guessing the times for developing it.

I can’t remember how I got to this recipe but it seemed a good idea at the time.
So… here it is.
Leica CL
Rollei RPX 400@1600
Rollei RHS DC 1+19
9 min

Untitled-9 Untitled-10 Untitled-13 Untitled-19 Untitled-21 Untitled-22 Untitled-24

Update 3 – Under the red light
Session four in the darkroom.
I’ve been learning some very interesting things.

The anxiety of making a lot of prints is slowly giving place to the will of getting better results.
I’ve been experimenting more with the Multigrade filters and the best skin tones so far were using filter number 5. It really lightens up certain parts of the skin adding a beautiful glow.

So, thumbs up for Multigrade filter number 5. Prints and more prints.



Update 4 – Giacomo Brunelli
I absolutely admire the work of Giacomo Brunelli.
The Animals series is… so, so good. So poetic, so strong…

As an admirer, and only as an intellectual exercise, I often thought about that series.
I could not imagine how could Giacomo come up with something as good as the Animals series.

Well… I “couldn’t imagine” and that’s why I am who I am and Giacomo is who he is. He could and he did. He spent two years on a commission capturing London. The result is Eternal London.

I must say that it’s magical. The images are plain beautiful.  That’s Giacomo style, that’s his favorite time of day to shoot, that’s his signature.

Giacomo Brunelli nailed the “first album” pressure with a brilliant “second album”.

Top work.

Screen shot 2014-03-16 at 11.59.13 PM

© Giacomo Brunelli, Eternal London

So my friends, I’m out but not off.
I will come back for more and I will answer all the kind comments.

Thank you so much guys.


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