We Love Film

I’ve been wanting to write a post, for a long time now, about a wonderful project that turned into a cult.

No, I’m not exaggerating.

Let me put it this way, if it wasn’t for that small company Cooking Film would not exist.
If it wasn’t for that company I couldn’t and I wouldn’t shoot as much film as I do.
That company is my only film supplier for some years now.

We Love Film is the name.

It’s rather painful to call it a “company” or a “business”. For me and for lot’s and lot’s of film users, all over Portugal and a bit all over the world, We Love Film is Carlos and André.

They are the faces and the hearts behind this amazing project that supplies all of us with film at unbeatable prices in the upmost professional way.

Ask any film user in Portugal where’s the best place to buy film and you will always get the same answer: at We Love Film.

Carlos don’t drive a Mustang and André could use an haircut and I know they do it for passion. Penny earned, penny invested in film.

They say they are trying to “share the love for film”, I say they are really doing it.

Thank you Carlos, thank you André, thank you We Love Film.



This is my backpack after a fast visit to André.

  1. anette said:

    It’s passion, it’s emotion, it’s film.
    Wonderful post!

    • Like in the words of Sister Sledge “We are family” 🙂

  2. Vitor Silva said:

    Today i just received some more love from WLF =)

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