A little bit of history repeating

Some years ago I fell in love with a small digital camera, a Leica D-Lux 3. After using it, on a daily basis, for a long time I started to covet something… different and better.

I was tired of the D-Lux 3 so, as soon as they were available, I got a brand new Leica X1. What a gorgeous design object!

At the end of the first day with the X1 I felt like… okay… new camera, I must learn how to work with it… tomorrow will be better.

By the end of the second day I felt like… okay… must sell the X1.

I felt sad because I really wanted to love the X1 as I did the D-Lux 3.

It’s one of those things, we just didn’t connect.

There was nothing wrong with the X1, despite being a slow camera, it delivered amazing, and I mean amazing image quality, gorgeous colors, manual controls and it is a beautiful camera.

The files were indeed great raw material to work with in Lightroom or Photoshop but… that was the problem. The X1 was a cool camera, and I was not tired of the D-Lux, I was tired of the medium itself. I was tired of a routine that made me spend more time editing the images than taking pictures.

Sold the X1 and got a Zero Image 2000 6×6 pinhole camera. Red wood and golden knobs!

At the end of the first day, I developed the film and got a great set of… black stains that slightly resembled… something. Even up to this day, my ex-wife calls my pinhole images “stains”.

I absolutely loved that mess. I traveled back to the days of my first pinhole images using photo paper.
A mix of nostalgia and visual delight toke over and I never looked back.

Today, like before, I’m not tired of a certain digital camera. I’m tired of the routine imposed by the medium.

If home is where one’s heart is, than film, certainly, feels like home.

Zero Image 2000

Ilford HP5+
TMax Dev.
14 min.








  1. Borja said:

    A friend gave me his Fujifilm X100 as a gift. It’s actually decent. I carry it around all the time.

    • I was blown away by the quality of the X100, I’m actually thinking about getting one.

      • Borja said:

        It’s a very simple camera to use with great results. Make sure if you decide to buy one that it has the latest firmware update. Although X100s is a grade above, most people I know prefer the X100.

      • The truth is that I need a digital camera. A decent digital camera. I’ve been looking a lot and I really don’t want to dive into the full frame cameras and high end digital systems. The X100 with it’s fixed lens and viewfinder sounds perfect.
        People are selling them like crazy over here (in Portugal). I think I can make a decent deal.

  2. These have a great dreamlike quality. I really like 3 and 4.

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