If you could, would you?

This is one of those situations when a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

After an important photo session in which I’ve participated as a backup, let’s see what comes out, kind of photographer, I managed to get the shot I was hoping for. The only problem was… that shot was on two different frames.

Each frame had something I liked and the ideal solution was to combine both.

The idea of combining both frames raised 2 questions:

1 – In order to do that I had to create something which was not real. It would require a huge digital manipulation of something I value for being analog. It was somehow a moral issue. If I wanted that shot I should have tried harder on the spot, not by manipulating the results.

2 – On the other hand, I’m I not the master of my images? Must I remain hostage of my own lack of photographic skills?

I ended up manipulating those two frames, it was a work related situation and I still think it was worth saving.
It is a good and honest portrait, not a commercial image. It shows what I became to know about the person I was taking pictures of.

Yes, anyone can look at the final image and think: all that work for a bad shot, it was not worth it.

I like to look at the result and to think that the application which can not be named (Photoshop) helped me in creating… a lie, to the eyes of some, or a whole new valid image, to the eyes of others.

That image also tells me another thing…
I’m a much, much better Photoshop user than I will ever be as a photographer.

That makes me sad and, from time to time, the emotional poisoning by that thought makes me want to stop my own misery and to sell it all.

But those are my own personal issues…


© Espiral do Tempo/Company One All rights reserved.

© Espiral do Tempo/Company One
All rights reserved.


© Espiral do Tempo/Company One All rights reserved.

© Espiral do Tempo/Company One
All rights reserved.


© Espiral do Tempo/Company One All rights reserved.

© Espiral do Tempo/Company One
All rights reserved.

  1. II would just like to say how much I love your site. It inspires me to continue with photography, with using film and with the things I love to shoot. Being good at Photoshop is not a bad thing. It can lead to greater things. I myself work in a studio doing eCom. I hate it. But it gives me opportunities in the form of money or working with stylists, that feed that which I love. You being good at Photoshop means you can do your own work on your work, something which today is very valuable. So don’t fret or feel disheartened. Just continue enjoying your photography. It will all come together.

    • Christian that is the most kind comment.

      Really, I don’t know what else to say but… thank you so much x 100 times.

  2. anette said:

    On a certain day everybody might be assailed by doubts caused by different reasons. I felt it and I shall feel that so many times due to very similar reasons like those you wrote. Your informative and very inspiring blog is the feedback of your great work and I can only repeat the last sentence of Christian “It will all come together”.

    • Thank you so much Anette.
      We only care this much about the things we really love right? 🙂

    • Thank you.
      Photoshop is the first application I open every morning even before I open up the mail. 🙂

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