The 100 foot Cannon – Part 2

After finishing up the film on the Holga I picked up my Hexar AF to shoot a couple more rolls. I knew that the Holga shots would come out… Holga looking, and God only knows what kind of surprises that camera can deliver so why not playing on the safe side by using the Hexar too?

And what’s “safer” than the Konica Hexar AF and Trix? Perfect match!

It was not a bright day. No wind, the sky had some beautiful clouds and there was a bit of mist coming from the sea so, everything was flat looking. However this first location was great for trying out the Trix. Garrett was siting on the balcony of the lighthouse and he had a metal structure behind him.

The Trix behaved brilliantly. Just the right amount of grain, the usual latitude of exposure, great detail. It’s really a film that can take any “abuse”. The Hexar AF is… well… most of you know what I feel about this little camera. It’s my favorite camera.

Konica Hexar AF
Kodak Trix 400
TMax Dev.
7 min.

01 Final

03 final

02 final

06 final

Let me share with you some thoughts about the previous situation.
These were taken while the magazine’s professional photographer was setting up his gear.
My friend and journalist Costa Dias was doing the interview and I was just fooling around with my cameras doing what I love, taking pictures for my selfish pleasure.

At some point the photographer asked Garret to stand up to do a light test and I had to move back a little.


04 final



As you can see the sky was cloudy but it was not “dramatic” enough. I really wanted to capture a… “majestic” pose of Garret against a raging sky with big waves at the distance. Well, Kenton Thatcher had the same idea, so he asked Garrett to put on his wet suit and to stand against the sky despite the lack of waves.

My film choices were Trix or Kentmere 400. I thought about using Trix at 1600 or 3200 ISO but I was afraid that the 1/250 top speed of the Hexar was not enough so I went for the Kentmere, which is much grainier and contrasted than the Trix, and I pushed it to 800.
The idea right from the start was to push it yes, but to develop it at box speed, for even more… “harshness”.

Konica Hexar AF
Kentmere 400@800 ISO (developed at box speed)
TMax Dev.
7 min.


Without exposure compensation.

Without exposure compensation.


Without exposure compensation.

Without exposure compensation.


+1 exposure compensation.

+1 exposure compensation.


And that’s pretty much it.

It was a wonderful day around good people, surrounded by the sea and the sky.
I got to use the Holga and the Hexar and managed some experiments for Cooking Film.

Thank you a million times, Garrett, for putting up with my silly experiments and thank you Kenton, it’s always a pleasure working with you.

PS: I most apologize for my limited English.
As time goes by I try to write a bit more, and to be more detailed in my posts, and that calls for language and grammatical I still don’t have.

PS2: All of these shots were Brightness and Contrast adjusted in Photoshop and cleaned using the Clone Stamp tool.
The goal is to print them in the darkroom as a gift for Garrett. I’m doing it next Monday.

  1. anette said:

    I just bought a package of Kentmere 400 and I’m looking forward to push some of them to 800 as well 😉
    I really like your first shot! Absolutely great! The contrast is quite strong, but simply perfect for this portrait!

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