For sale: Leica CL + Summicron C 40mm

Up for sale is my Leica CL and the Summicron C 40mm lens.
This camera had a recent CLA.

The good parts about the camera body:
The rangefinder is aligned, all shutter speeds from 1/15 up to 1/1000 are correct. The meter is fully working and adjusted for new batteries and it is spot on. It really runs smooth.

The bad parts about the camera body:
It is a used camera not a shelf queen and it has some marks on the body, however in perfectly good user condition.
The while plastic “thing” on the take up spool is broken, classic CL problem. Half of it is still in camera and I do have the other half. Some frames come out very close to each other,  there’s no overlapping but it needs attention.

The good parts about the lens:
The glass is in great condition, no scratches, no fungus, no haze. The blades are excellent, oil free. Focus is smooth and the aperture ring is tight and snappy.

The bad parts about the lens:
It has some use marks on the body and some paint on the numbers is missing.

The lens comes with the rubber hood.

I’m located in Portugal.

10334280_304923899662646_3278182498494331818_n 1559508_304923849662651_3467255405800416723_o

  1. Mark said:

    Unfortunately I think this would be more than I would be allowed to spend! I’d have to sell a lot of kit. 😉

    Always wanted a Leica and this would be a good way in. Great buy for somebody though.

      • Mark said:

        Thanks got it. Sorry only just had the chance to reply.

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