Freezing Warming White

Every time I go out with a friend for a photo session the last of my concerns is the amount of “good” photographs I will get from that session.

I only ask the Gods of Photography for one. Just one decent shot and I am a happy man.

Okay, that’s my mind set but how about the model’s thoughts on this?

The question I hear the most is: You toke about 4 rolls of film and are you saying that this shot, or couple of shots, are it?

Well… most of the times, yes, that’s it.

Let’s face it, it’s not hard to take a decent shot of a beautiful woman, but it’s very hard to take one that we feel it stands apart from all others.

When I say “the shot that stands apart”, I’m saying it in a total selfish way. It is “the one” for me, the one that makes ME happy. It can be a crappy shot for everyone else, including the model, but it is MY favorite shot and I fell happy when I think I got it.

Of course I want my friends to like them all, I want them to enjoy the day, enjoy us being together, to enjoy the session and yes, I want them to look at the results with a smile of satisfaction for a day well spent.

That’s why I only do it with friends.
(Friends are also much more forgiving and they usually lie about my skills, which is very cool)

Seriously, when I’m with a friend, photography means very little.

I know Carolina for about 20 years. We played in the same band, back in the days. She was the lead singer and I was one of the guitar players. We used to play Risk, the strategy game, with a group of friends, until the break of dawn every single Saturday night. We both have kids about the same age…

Having the chance of spending a whole day with Carolina, and the kids, renewing our friendship is far more important than any “special” shot however, my poor shots are also my way of saying… thank you.

As usual, please forgive the rough English.











  1. jeremy said:

    Good set of pictures my friend.

    • Thank you very much Jeremy.
      Those were taken with a Zeiss Ikon Nettar. A 6×6 folding camera from 1949. It’s a scale focusing camera and that drives me nuts. I had a measuring tape with me but it’s so easy to lose focus range as we move around.

      Anyway… it was a great day with a dear friend and the kids.

      • Lovely photos. Last time i used a fiddly 6×6 folding camera, i had a pebble on a string hanging from the camera on a string as long as minimum focussing distance. I found it helps in “closeups”.

      • I’m not kidding, that is a great idea! I can have 2 or 3 with different distances!
        Really, that’s a great and simple solution.

        Thank you Alessandro.

  2. I know exactly what you are talking about! Very often I don’t even take out my camera of my bag when I am in a group of people. I often wait for an intimate moment with my closest friends, because everything is much more natural. That’s why I have photos of few (but close) friends in my blog.
    Nice shots by the way!

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