I’ve been too tired to take pictures lately.
Work is overwhelming and yes, Summer is coming and Summer means almost no shots for me.

I’m a Winter(ish) kind of guy when it comes to taking pictures.

So, I just wanted to say I’m (pretty much) alive, still, and here are the latest updates.

Update #1
Got an Holga. Yes, another one.
I like Holgas and they can deliver some sweet results.


update 2
Update #2
Got a 35mm/f2.8 Nikkor for the F3.

update 3

Update #3
Got a mint Yashica 124G. It’s a keeper. I’ll use it along with the Hasselblad for medium format.

Update #4
A dear friend from the across the ocean sent me an Hasseblad PME 51 as a gift!
True story! Thank you a million times D!


Update #5
Sold the CL. Cool camera, cool lens but I was not using it and I don’t own cameras I don’t use.

Update #6
Another dear friend is selling great gear at fair prices and no, I don’t get any commission. For me it’s very important to deal with honest sellers as I’m always buying and selling stuff. What started as a “commercial” relationship is now true friendship so… check him out please.

R5 at 275 euros… and R8 at 450 euros.



  1. iamamro said:

    Thanks for the tip!

  2. Borja said:

    You will have fun with PME 51 Hasselblad viewfinder. I have one, too. Enjoy. Thank you for sharing this.

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