The tip of the iceberg

I attended the opening of a friend’s exhibit last Friday.

Despite the fact that I never, ever, comment on a friend’s work from an artistic point of view, I like to be supportive and I utterly admire people with initiative.

As a spectator, any deeper considerations I might have regarding aesthetic issues, will born and die in this little space between my ears.

That being said, hat’s off to Pedro Jafuno, a young photographer from Madeira Island, trying to build his own path.

The name of the exhibit is “Pedregulho”, “Rock”. It’s a documentary approach to an island, called the Pearl of the Atlantic, but like every “pearl” and despite the touristic postcard landscapes, Madeira island is the stage of dramatic urban transformations that clashes with Pedro Jafuno’s memories and hopes.

On the other hand this exhibit can be the tip of an iceberg of positive partnerships.
We Love Film, a great and very dear project which has been my only film supplier for several years now, are a major gathering force for film photographers in Lisbon and, I dare to say, in Portugal. They bring people together.

Print Factory. A pro film and print lab delivering great, fast and at a fair price, services. They are becoming the safe harbor for film photographers specially the ones working with color film. I’m a client.

Fábrica Features. Located on a top floor on the most expensive commercial area in Lisbon it offers a cool and simple space for this kind of events.

This may sound like a praising list of sponsors and, of course, the heart and the soul of the exhibit is Pedro Jafuno’s work. However we all know that times are always hard for someone trying to make his way into the photography world. That’s why partnerships like these are fundamental.

As a friend I must praise all of them, Jafuno for stepping out into the spotlight and delivering his view about a very personal subject, and all the others for coming together to make it happen for real.

Hat’s off to you guys.

















Ricoh GR1s
Ilford HP5+
Adox APH 09
11 min

Grainy little bastard.


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