Konica Hexar AF + Kodak Trix + Xtol

Well, here I am again after a much needed time off.
I was totally burned out and, in fact, I’ve never felt like this on previous years.

My last months of work were devastating physically and emotionally and the truth is… I broke down. My eyesight got worse, my eternal migraine issue is slowly killing me and this total lack of energy and inspiration did the rest.

So, one week at the beach and another one in the countryside, up north, were just what I needed. I didn’t take many pictures as I really wanted to clear my head from everything.

As soon as I got back to Lisbon, last Friday, I decided to take my son to a museum we often visit. Culture vs PS3… one of the many parenting battles!

Culture won this time.

I like to take pictures inside museums. I mean… there’s no point in shooting paintings in black and white but it’s always easy to find some interaction between the visitors and the works of art.

On the other hand people don’t really know, or care, if they appear on the frame. It’s a confrontation free zone for everyone who are “afraid” of doing the same on the streets. Like a soft approach to shooting people.

My shots are no kind of example but I’m just saying…

Everything was planned in advance.

Quiet camera?
Yes, the Hexar AF.

High sensitivity film?
No, but I have a lot of TriX so… it is as good, if not better, than Delta or Kodak 3200.

Developer available?
Only Xtol. If I had any ID-11 I would have pushed the TriX up to 5000 or 6400 ISO. Using Xtol I only went up to 3200.

Using this Trix@3200/Xtol stock the results are consistent.

Dark shadows (and detail loss) but enough contrast and grey range to deliver a certain kind of results which I like very much. The grain is tight and I like it over the aggressive Delta 3200 or Kodak 3200.

More important than any of that, the images are embodied, the negatives have… depth. TriX at 3200 only needs a little bit of light and it will shine delivering outstanding results. On more extreme situations it will deliver a certain deep darkish contrast.

Here’s another example of the same combination:

Konica Hexar AF

Kodak Trix 400 @ 3200

11 min.



















  1. Mark said:

    Glad to have you back and hope you had a good break. We all need some ‘switch off’ time. Some lovely images so it obviously did you some good my friend.

    • Thank you so much Mark. I guess I’m really getting old, my friend. No pun intended. Graphic design kills you I saw! 🙂

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