No braids

These are from the second roll with Joana.

Unlike on previous sessions, this time, the tool of choice was the Nikon F3. It is obviously faster to handle than the Hasselblad and it allows me to shoot more and, I must say it again, it is a wonderful, wonderful camera.

I went through several cameras before the F3 but it’s like one of those things, it just feels right in my hands. Heavy but not too heavy, aperture priority, good viewfinder and, on top of that, it conveys confidence.

When it comes to metering, it is a very reliable camera but this particular situation was a bit hard because the veil was constantly waving, making light change very fast. Some pictures are underexposed but there’s enough information on the negative to make a fine print in the darkroom and for that I’m going to get Adox paper.

It’s been a change for me. I’ve been doing these little sessions using the Hasselblad for so long that I still find it strange to frame Joana in a non square format and, it is obvious that I’m not taking any advantage of the smaller size of the F3 which allows to vary framing in a more flexible way.

Well, that is enough reason to schedule a new session with Joana.


Nikon F3

Nikkor Ai-S 35mm f/2.8


Kodak Trix 400@1600

Xtol stock

10 min

Final 04





final 03



Final 02



Final 01

  1. Cracking set of shots, I owned the f3 before I jumped ship to the canon f1n which I loved to bits and still miss.

    • Just added a Nikon FA. They don’t come around very often. Turning into a Nikon man. 🙂

  2. so cool said:

    I stumbled upon this ..and HAVE to say thank you for such a nice read and your writing combined with your photos was as good as you can get!Much appreciated and super pic the last one.Cheers

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