Two years ago I had just got home from work when someone knocks on my door.

It was my next door neighbour Gonçalo.

– Hey Paulo, do you still want to take some pictures of my stitches? I’m taking them out next week so…

– Oh yes, let’s do it, they look amazing and scary!

So we did. Gonçalo fooled around making “scary faces”, we laughed and talked about photography and girls and how he would like to learn how to use the Hasselblad.

There wasn’t a single moment of sadness, only hope, only strength, only the desire to move forward and away from that coward illness.

I think about my next door neighbours a lot. I like them. They are my favorite neighbours. They bring me cookies and I never return the plate.

I’m just the weird guy from the 3B but for some strange reason I think they like me too.

Gonçalo allowed me into his life for a while and I am thankful for that from my heart.

This will always be a happy shot because by the time the shutter was pressed the future was an open highway.

This will always be a special photograph. It brings me a happy memory and a smile.

I do believe, from my heart, that Gonçalo is smiling too.


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