Mary Holga

Here are some more pictures from the session with my dear friend Mary, this time from the Holga.

I really wanted to test out the Nikon FA but I toke the Holga along too and let me say that I love this camera.

I was using HP5+ pushed to 800 on the shots inside the boat with the Nikon FA, but since I can’t push the film using the Holga my idea was to shoot Trix at box speed and develop it as if it was pushed to 800 ISO.

I didn’t know what to expect from the shots inside the boat but they kind of… came out with a cinematic look.

That huge window is a great light source, I was just not sure how the Holga would handle the abrupt transition between the light and the darker areas.

Now I know and I will definitely use it more, even on difficult light conditions.
Well done Holga and very, very well done Mary! I love her collar bones and the way the hair is bit messed up. Beautiful.


Some bus stops in Lisbon and Almada (where I live) are still made of hammered glass. I like shooting thought that texture and I often do, using both film or the digital Ricoh.

This time I had Mary and a bus stop just for myself for a couple of minutes. I like the mix between what’s really pressed against the glass making it come into focus, and what is not touching the glass and gets blurred by it’s texture.

I feel like exploring this a bit more and I would to love to do it in color at night. Let’s see, but one thing is certain… I like making plans, I like having ideas even if they are basic and stupid.

It keeps me busy and it makes me to get in touch with my dear friends who are always willing to help on my little photographic adventures.

So, once again, thank you Maria, none of this would be possible without you.

Holga 120 CFN

Kodak Trix, shot at box speed, developed for 800 ISO time, plus an extra minute. Total of 8 minutes in Xtol stock.





  1. Mugn said:

    Awsome shots! Especially the last two.

    • Thank you very much. Mary has huge beautiful eyes. I call them “headlights” 🙂

  2. These are beautiful, thoughtful photographs. Timeless, silent and evocative.

  3. David said:

    Beautifully done. The last two photos are sublime.
    Perhaps I’m missing something, but why do you say you can’t push with your Holga? You can do any exposure you like, including underexposure (which is what you did when you shot the HP5+ at EI 800), and the push comes in the processing by overdeveloping. So you’d meter for 800, then develop for 800, as you did. That’s exactly what you did with your Nikon.
    Apologies if I misunderstood.

    • Yes David you got it right. The problem are my limited English skills.
      I was just talking about the Holga not having a knob to turn to set the ISO. 🙂

      My fault.

  4. António Marques said:

    Tropecei no teu blog por acaso… Estava a “folhear” os posts quando vi o Tejo e o Cristo-Rei algures por detrás da modelo… Apreciei imenso o look das tuas fotos e esta série em particular, acho fantástica.
    Julgo ter percebido que és designer gráfico (como eu, apesar de não exercer porque algures me dediquei ao ensino…) e, obviamente, gostas de fotografia e tens um blogue (como eu).
    Eu prefiro o aspecto do filme ao digital mas falta-me o conhecimento/ equipamento/ paciência para me enfiar numa câmara escura. A minha demanda é encontrar uma rotina fotográfica digital que me dê um “look “semelhante ao filme sem passar horas de volta do PS ou LR a usar “presets” ou a acrescentar efeitos…
    Prazer em conhecer. Visitarei regularmente.

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