Mama’s boy

Hello my dear friends.

It’s been too long and I truly miss posting bad pictures along with bad English writing.

The clouds are clearing and the sky is looking brighter every day.

Just two weeks after my surgery it was my mother’s turn to end up in the hospital bed with a severe case of gallstones. She had surgery yesterday and she is recovering amazingly well.

Everything landed on my father’s shoulders and he rose to the occasion like the super hero that he is.

So… I’m feeling fine, my mother is leaving the hospital on Sunday and this has brought us all together even more.

There’s nothing I can write that could express the amazing heart warming feeling that is to know I have a family I can count on. We truly are family!

But… the same goes to friends… from Portugal and Angola to Argentina, from Australia to New Zealand, from the UK to Canada, Holland or the US. From Spain to the Dominican Republic, you guys make me feel I’m worth something, much, much more than I deserve so I humbly bow to all of you and I must say: Thank you, thank you from my heart.

That being said… new times are coming and I still have a couple of pictures in me so… here I go again! 🙂


These were taken the day before my mother’s surgery.

I had to take a small camera with me and my choice was the Ricoh GR1s. The hospital is a pretty dark place so I hacked the DX code on a Kodak Trix to make it a ISO 3200 film. The Ricoh GR1s only has DX reading, not a manual option. If you want that option you can find it the the GR1v model.

Ricoh GR1s

Kodak Trix 400@3200
Adox APH 09
30 minutes





  1. Hi,
    Thanks for your post, wonderful photographs as usual…
    I think we all wish everything is going well for you & your family…and that you will post again a lot of beautiful pics with your really inspired words and experiences.

    • Thank you so very much Salim for such kind words.

  2. David said:

    I’m glad you’re on the mend. Best wishes to your mother as well.

    I love this look. Did you agitate normally or stand/semi-stand? Judging from the contrast, I’m guessing you agitated regularly. I like these all, but the shot second from last (the hands and the IV tubes) is exceptional.

    Thank you for sharing something so personal. You expressed it very well.

    • Thank you David. I’ve been away again but for a good reason 🙂
      Almost no agitation, only a gentle one every minute.

  3. Hello,

    Just wanted to let you know I’m really glad I discovered your site. First of all because your words and photographic journey is so recognizable. Also this feeling of not wanting to express reality and the balance/differences between film and digital. Second, I was looking for this analog look (e.g. Igor Posner, Michael Ackerman) of this post which I have never achieved. I have the feeling that through this look I can unleash my feelings. I have pushed tri-x to 1600 and brought it to many developers but nothing come near what I wanted to achieve. You inspired me to develop the film myself, as it appear as it appears to be critical for the creative process. Keep up the good work but more importantly enjoy the process of doing it. I will be happily reading it.

    • Thank you so much Alexander! Those are very kind words.

      Please do develop it yourself, it’s a whole new world of possibilities and gives you the advantage of choosing the “look” or part of the look before taking the pictures.

      I absolutely trust Trix, I use it more at 1600 or 3200 than 400 and I absolutely trust the outcome using different developers.

      Ilford ID-11 makes it smooth even pushing Trix @3200. Xtol gives it that contrasted look although you might lose shadow detail.

      In this particular situation using Adox the outcome is very contrasted and grainy. The Adox is one of the sons of Rodinal. If you aim for grain… that’s the one for you 🙂

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