Every year I invite one, maybe two girls to model for me.

It’s a slow process finding someone who is visually interesting and then asking that person without looking totally wacko/stalker/depraved…

It’s a lost battle 99,9% of the times.

I get all kinds of reactions and I handle “no” for an answer in the most respectful and understanding way.

My approaches are always polite and friendly, however these are not polite or friendly times and I absolutely respect their concern. Women do experience far more verbal and other kind of abuse on a daily basis. I respect them, no means no, so I just walk away.

What I get the most is the: why do you want to take my picture??

That’s a tough question but I always go for the honest answer: well, I think you are a beautiful and a visually interesting woman/girl.

Wrong answer!!!

As soon as I say those words, girls run away as fast as they can because:
I find them beautiful and visually interesting and that means I want to have sex with them and maybe to take nude pictures to share worldwide!

The ones that don’t run away usually go for a hard defense:
– My father is a cop/has a gun.
– My brother is a black belt in Ninja/Kung Fu skills.
– My friends will stab you in the throat.
– I’m going to call the Police.

No husband or boyfriend can ever tolerate having another man taking pictures of their wife/girlfriend. It’s like cheating and pictures are, of course, just a way to con those poor women into having sex and maybe, into taking some nude pictures to share worldwide.

Many times I end up thinking that maybe approaching a woman saying that I find them beautiful or visual interesting is just another kind of abuse and I’m no different from all the “uh baby love your ass” kind of guy.

But sometimes, just sometimes, everything comes together and all it takes is a special woman on the other end.

Marta is such a woman.

Thanks to Maria, a mutual friend, I had an excuse to introduce myself properly to Marta a few weeks ago. I sent an email explaining who I was and inviting her for a little photo session.

It was easy enough to see that Marta is a cool woman and brave enough to have her picture taken by an almost complete stranger. However… I like little stories, they bring everything together.

In fact I met Marta a couple of years ago. She was working, I was just a costumer, and the moment I saw her I thought to myself: how awesome it would be to take this girl’s picture!

I would never approach her face to face, it’s just not in me to do such a thing, so the idea of shooting Marta faded away.

Somehow the Gods of Photography managed to put Marta in my path again and I can never thank her enough for accepting my invitation. We spent a wonderful Sunday morning getting to know each other and taking some pictures.

Thank you Marta, you are a beautiful living “story book”. I felt honored.


I made some mistakes to say it gently.
I messed up all the films and sensitivities and recipes… but here it goes anyway.

Hasselblad 500CM (with the PME 51)
Zeiss 120mm Makro Planar

First 3 shots
Kodak Trix @ 200 ISO
Adox APH 09,
11 min

Next 3 shots
Rollei RPX 400@800
Adox APH 09
9 min

Last 2 shots
Kodak Trix @ ??? (maybe 1600) ISO
Adox APH 09,
11 min

The last two shots were scanned in RGB mode using the Kodak Gold 200 as profile.









  1. Your post made me laugh! I borrowed a mate’s 120mm Makro a few months ago and it is an fantastic lens. Personally I don’t like tats but I love your photos with this lens. You should use it more, much more!

    Perhaps when asking to take a photo of a pretty girl you use the line “Don’t worry I am gay, but would LOVE to take your photo, you’re very photogenic”.

    I hope you are well.

    Best Regards


    • So Chris… you want me to play the gay card? 🙂
      That might work!

      Thank you my friend. Just got a PME 51 for the Hasselblad and I’m amazed how well it works. It’s an amazing add on but a very heavy one.

  2. Oh! I forgot, while I am here, I would love to see some fantastic Portuguese landscape work – who would you suggest?

  3. SAM said:

    Its easier to get young girls to model, but its hard to get womens to a shoot, I would love to have some mature womens for photo sessions but they are hard to get into 😀

    • Ahahaha you are most right Sam. Well… getting them “into” is only half the fun 🙂

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