Update 06/02/2015

Hello guys

Here’s an update of the past few weeks. I’m buried in work. Shooting and editing endlessly. We’ve set up a small photo studio at the office and it’s liberating just having to go to the vault, pick up a watch and take it downstairs for shooting.

I can take my time (more or less) and I can explore it in different ways. That’s my challenge for 2015. To give good use to the studio by delivering appealing visual content.

I’m learning more and more every single day and I can truly say that I’m very excited about this new stage in my professional life. I’m not in any way a product photographer and this a whole new game for me but… I’m learning and I trying to imitate a zillion shots done by much, much more competent photographers.

So, here are some examples of my work+photography+fun+experiments as an attempt to deliver interesting content.

The Franck Muller Vanguard is a beautiful piece. Scratched pink gold finishing and huge 3 dimensional numbers in pink gold and black. The whole watch is very textural. That was my goal, to capture that.

Frank Muller Vanguard 5

Frank Muller Vanguard 4

This next image shows how much I still need to learn.


The next one is an Oris Aquis. Deep dive watch in a polished ans scratched steel case, special turning bezel and orange Luminova numbers.



The next set shows my dear friend Cesarina wearing a Porsche Design Timepiece 1.

Cesar 6

Cesar 5

Cesar 7

Some fun with toys, deep space and watches. Only the text was added in Photoshop. It toke about 3 shots with different focus points to create the final images.



Some fun with pens for Valentine’s Day.


Porsche 1-A

A journalist friend was going to interview the Turkish writer Elif Shafak and I volunteered to take some shots. Amazing lady and meeting her was delightful. These were taken during my lunch break.



And finally! I still haven’t finish to select the digital images from the session with Rita. What a beautiful woman, perfect face, crazy strong hair…



So guys… I’m a bit burned out but by doing what I love. I feel bad for not using my film cameras more, over the last months, and yes digital is making me lazy but I try to balance that by going to the community darkroom every Saturday.

I need to sleep, need to eat, smoke less, drink less coffee and take better pictures.

I’ll be back!

  1. Mark said:

    Some really nice shots there. Eating is good although you know what they say, “you can get all the sleep you need when you’re dead!”

    • Even when I sleep I dream about work. Trying to change that to… food! 🙂

  2. David said:

    Lovely work. I’d like to see more of your candid shots, like those of the writer.
    When I was working on a major timepiece retailer’s web site, I got some inside knowledge of the “soldier shots” (straight vertical shots) of watches and why they’re so perfect looking. They take fifteen shots at slightly different focus points and sandwich them together. Voila. Perfect looking watch. I

    • Thank you David and yes those “damn” soldier shots are hard work… I will try and ask our watchmakers to take off the glass, that might help a lot.

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