2015 in review – Part 1

Hello good people!

Here I am again and I can already hear a loud “Noooooooooooo!! Not this guy again”…

As some of you might know 2015 was, for me, a very important year. Back in January I was invited to become a “professional” photographer. The company I work for needed an in-house photographer and I was challenged to step up and to turn my hobby/passion into my main job.

I love photography, I love taking pictures, and having the chance of doing it full time sounded amazing.

Well… it’s December and I haven’t posted any film related stuff since August. Does this tell you something?

I am not complaining. Thanks to the results I deliver the company is now accepting outside photographic work, which is great.

The downside is the lack of energy to pick up a film camera and to do what I love: using film.

I’m intoxicated by images.


The work/digital part
Every assignement is an opportunity to evolve by having to come up with different solutions for different problems.


If I’m doing macro photogaphy of wrist watches in the studio I have to come up with the right light placement to capture the details I want.

99% of the times one of the lights is fixed and the other one is freely controlled by myself (by hand) while looking through the camera’s viewfinder.

Comp 1


Comp 2


If I’m asked to shoot someone wearing a watch, on location, or for an editorial, I usualy take my two small continuous lights and a big reflector. That’s enough to do the job.

Comp 3


comp 6


Comp 7


Comp 12


Comp 13


At this point I’m like a one man show, a do it all kind of photographer and that’s perfectly fine. I’m a team player not an artist, not an author. I try to deliver decent results honoring my clients, my company and the people who assist me.

I don’t have a “professional” status that allows me to say: no, I’m not shooting that, I only do black and white portraiture.

Time will come… time will come and there’s only one Anton Corbjin.

With that being said, if there’s a picture needed to be taken, I’ll be there doing my best.


Comp 5


Comp 4


I’ve also invested in lenses, a 28mm and a 85mm to add to the 50mm and the 120mm macro and two flash lights and umbrellas.



Comp 14


Comp 15




Shooting and editing, shooting and editing, day after day, intoxicated me.

Even for personal pleasure, when I had the chance of using film, I didn’t. But there’s another reason for that and the reason is color!

After dealing with terrible results every single time I pick up a film from the lab, being able to use color and having wonderful RAW files to work with, made me decide to use digital also for my personal stuff.


Comp 9


Comp 10


Comp 11


I miss coming in here more often but the truth is I don’t have any film experiments to share, no recipes, no new cameras, no nothing.

I’m slowly rediscovering the pleasure of using film and I will share the results in the next post.

As always, please forgive my terrible English.


  1. jezzafox said:

    Great post my friend and some lovely pictures too! I look forward to reading more about what you are doing in 2016

    • Thank you so much.
      It’s been a ride and I’m using gear I’ve never used before like flashlights are trigger and experimenting new techniques.

      Wishing you an amazing 2016 my friend!

  2. Mr. said:

    Just as a feedback from a reader, keep posting photos even if they are digital and not from real film. The title can be interpreted metaphorical: “cooking film”. After all, the cooking wasn’t real in the beginning, was it? And I am sure the film experience will forever change your view of digital too.

    • Thank you.
      You are very right, the film experience is the foundation of a “hopefully” strong “house” willing to grow.

      But I have to be honest. I love color and unfortunately I don’t home develop color film and all my experience with labs have been terrible.

      Digital deliver good files, very nice to work with and edit.

      I do like both worlds.

      Thank you again for your kind comment.

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