More tobacco please

There’s a short tale by Italo Calvino that goes (pretty much) like this:

“Once upon a time a man was crossing a road and all of the sudden he started to see things as they really are.”

These words always come to my mind every time I use my beloved pinhole.

The pinhole sees slower. It drags things throughout time and space and, to me, that’s where the magic is.

What if things really leave a trace?

What if things are not isolated snaps but a whole fuid action and we can only see a fraction of it at a time?

What if I add more tobacco to the mixture?!


Here are some images from the Zero Image 2000.

Zero Image 2000

Ilford HP5+
Tmax Dev
7 min








  1. Daniel Onidi said:

    Having now (Last week in fact!) visited Lisbon; I know why you get such great shots – “wow, what a wonderfully visual place” You lucky guy! Love the blog always thought provoking, keep up the great tradition of film.

  2. Fantastic thoughts and images, Paulo!

    The energy in the last and the intrigue in the first…pinhole is such a wonderful warped kingdom 😊


  3. Anonymous said:

    The first photo is nice — like three or four separate scenes disintegrating to form something new. Visually pleasing too.

    Is that a person in the middle?

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