The Zeiss Ikon Nettar



I have a passion for Holga cameras, however there’s this one camera I truly think it is a great all around medium format 6×6 camera, the Zeiss Ikon Nettar.
A couple of years ago I was at the airport boarding to Genève and, when going through the X-Ray machine, airport security stopped me because the X-ray caught an unusual object in my back pack.
It was the Nettar Zeis.
The police was immediately called and one of them reached inside my bag and grabbed the camera. It was the only time I called myself a photographer:
– It’s just a camera, I’m a photographer and I like using old cameras. I will show you, can I just press this button?
Guys, don’t ever, and I mean ever, say those words to a nervous policeman in an airport.
I was trying to press the button that unfolds the bellows and exposes the lens.

I did press it though and everything ended up well.

Here are some samples.
Fuji - press -_565-2
Fuji - press -_714
Fuji - press -_723

Taken by my son, I’m the one in the white jacket.

  1. jezzafox said:

    I love the Zeiss folders. I have a Super Ikonta. The results are so good and the fiddly nature of using this camera just adds to the experience.

    • I really like them too but I’m terrible at guessing the distances. Must get one of those focusing aids.

  2. Carlos said:

    Something like thir happened to me in Paris-Orly Airport. With a Voigtländer Perkeo II. The security guy was very suspicious of that strange thing he had never saw… Annoying… but amusing, too.

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